Natural gas offers plenty long-term and short-term incentives for homebuilders — between the market trends and environmental perks, many soon-to-be homeowners are gravitating toward natural gas homes.

Homebuilders are increasingly choosing natural gas for new construction for the following reasons:

  1. A home that’s fueled by natural gas typically has a six percent higher resale value than an all-electric home.
  2. More than 70 percent of homeowners prefer natural gas for heating water, cooking and heating.
  3. Nearly 72 percent of all individuals looking to buy a home in the next five years plan on having their home operate on natural gas.
  4. Three out of four homeowners say that energy-efficient features would make an impact on whether or not they would buy a new home.
  5. A natural gas tankless water heater prevents almost 3,000 pounds of carbon monoxide from entering the atmosphere every single year.
  6. Natural gas can reduce your home’s carbon footprint by half compared with non-gas homes.
  7. Nearly 97 percent of all homeowners are aware of the benefits of green households.
  8. Three-quarters of homeowners say they are willing to spend an extra $5,000 for a green home.

Building for Buyers

It’s safe to say homeowners enjoy luxuries that cut costs. So beyond increasing home values and facilitating sales, natural gas provides many long- and short-term benefits for buyers. Such benefits include:

  • Monthly Savings. In addition to saving big money upfront through natural gas appliance rebates, homeowners who utilize natural gas appliances save an average of 25 percent on their monthly energy bill. Additionally, natural gas appliances have longer life spans and require less maintenance than their electric counter parts.
  • Improved Reliability. Because natural gas is housed in an underground pipeline, it provides hurricane-proof comfort, and nearly perfect service — even when the power goes out. Other natural gas products that will still operate during a power outage include generators, outdoor lights, grills, ranges and water heaters.
  • Enhanced Quality of Life. Natural gas offers faster drying times, cooking precision and endless hot water. In addition to these perks, natural gas allows you to operate desiccant dehumidifiers, outdoor lights, tiki torches, patio heaters, garage heaters, outdoor grills, generators, outdoor fireplaces, indoor fireplaces and pool heaters — all while saving energy.

Wondering what it will take to bring natural gas to your home? Find step-by-step instructions here. And check out our Natural Gas FAQ page for answers to our customers’ most common questions.