The benefits are natural gas don’t just apply to homebuyers. Natural gas provides a wealth of benefits for home builders as well. The following are five of the top reasons an increasing number of home builders are incorporating natural gas into new construction.

  1. Marketing support.

The Florida Public Utilities Builder Program provides point-of-sale materials and marketing presentations that can aid in the sale of the homes that you build. And, our participation in the Energy Star program gives you credentials buyers trust.

  1. Luxury amenities.

Natural gas can also add wonderful features outdoors, such as romantic outdoor gas lighting, outdoor fireplaces and heated pools and spas.

  1. Eco-conscious appeal.

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel. More than 97 percent of homeowners say they are aware of the advantages of green building; this is reflected in the skyrocketing growth of the green building market. Your buyers will be happy to have that option over others for cooking, heating their homes and heating their water for washing and showers.

  1. More options for buyers.

It can sometimes be difficult or expensive for someone to install gas once a house is built. Give your buyers the option to have natural gas from the beginning by including gas lines in your construction.

  1. Substantial natural gas appliance rebates.

When you include natural gas in your planning, you can get rebates for all of the natural gas appliances you include. In addition, you are entitled to construction credits for the service line, meter and main extension, which can cut down your costs.

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