What began in the early years of the 17th century as a day of feasting to commemorate the patron saint of Ireland has since evolved into the global celebration we know and love – St. Patrick’s Day.

Today, nearly everyone around the world, whether Irish or not, celebrates this holiday by displaying green decorations, wearing green clothing and even drinking green beer. But you can also celebrate St. Patty’s Day by keeping a lot more “green” in your wallet and by helping the earth stay green, too.

Florida Public Utilities Can Help You Go Green

Florida Public Utilities cares about saving you money as well as remaining environmentally friendly with natural gas. The chemical composition of natural gas, which is made up primarily of methane, allows it to burn cleanly. Its end products are composed mostly of water vapor and carbon dioxide, meaning it produces far less chemicals associated with acid rain, smog and greenhouse emissions. Speaking of green, did you know the average natural gas home emits 46% less carbon than its non-gas counterpart?

You can stay in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit when you go green by simply incorporating natural gas appliances into your home…protecting the earth and your environment.

Save More Green When You Choose Natural Gas

Keep the green theme relevant to your household all year long when you save money with energy-efficient appliances. In addition to taking advantage generous natural gas appliance rebates offered by Florida Public Utilities, natural gas also provides homeowners with lasting savings. Because natural gas appliances can cost up to half as much to operate as their non-gas counterparts, homes that include the “Big Four” natural gas appliances (water heater, range, dryer and furnace) save an estimated 25% on energy costs every month.

Think of how much these savings add up for you over a year…over the lifetime of your natural gas appliances. We’re talking serious green savings!

Natural Gas Rebates Savings

  • Tankless Water Heater Rebate of up to $675
  • Standard Tank Water Heater Rebate of up to $500
  • High-efficiency Tank Water Heater Rebate of up to $550 Range
  • Range Rebate of up to $200
  • Dryer Rebate of up to $150
  • Furnace Rebate of up to $725

So, while you’re searching for that perfect St. Patty’s Day shirt to wear or deciding which green beer you’ll try next, remember to take advantage of Florida Public Utilities’ special offers and incentives that will help you stay green all year long!

For more information about the amazing benefits and rebates now offered when you choose natural gas, contact Florida Public Utilities today!