When the time comes to replace your Natural Gas tank water heater, you can take comfort in knowing that making the switch will be quick and simple. Even though the process is straightforward, please be sure to contact a professional Natural Gas expert to ensure a safe installation.

Once your brand new Natural Gas tank water heater is up and running, you will continue to enjoy monthly energy bill savings. You can also take advantage of a Natural Gas appliance energy conservation rebate now available which can save you hundreds of dollars on your Natural Gas appliance purchase. Another key benefit when you replace your old Natural Gas tank is that you will avoid costly damage that may occur to your home should your water heater break due to old age.

What should you expect with a Natural Gas tank water heater replacement installation?

When your Natural Gas appliance installation energy experts show up at your door, they’ll follow a set of easy steps to make sure your Natural Gas tank water heater is switched out safely, efficiently and with ease.

How do we make the Natural Gas Tank water heater switch?
The process begins by shutting your water service off, draining the water heater tank, and disconnecting the gas and water lines. Next, the venting will be diverted from the tank, the old water heater will be removed and the new Natural Gas tank water heater will be put in its place.

Once this is complete, it’s time to reconnect the gas and water lines to your new Natural Gas water heater. Doing just a few simple, extra steps ensure everything is set up safely, such as:

  • Installing an expansion tank
  • Adding drip leg to the tank
  • Testing gas line for leaks and proper pressure
  • Running the hot water
  • Adjusting the thermostat to a safe temperature
  • And testing the venting

These basic, yet important, installation steps will take a short amount of time and ensure your new Natural Gas water heater tank will stand the test of time, efficiently providing you and your family with hot water for years to come.

Your new Natural Gas tank water heater provides benefits including:

  • Ability to operate and produce hot water even when the power goes out
  • Big appliance rebates when you replace your old tank
  • Reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil
  • Almost two times the hot water in half the time

Plus, if you are switching from a non-gas or propane water heater to a Natural Gas water heater, you will experience substantial monthly energy bill savings, and you can cash in on even higher rebates that are available when you make the switch.

Ready to install a new Natural Gas tank water heater? FPU is happy to provide expert appliance product advice and installation services, or refer you to one of our qualified Natural Gas Energy Partners.

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