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Why Partner with
Florida Public Utilities?

At FPU, we believe in investing in the future. That’s why we use the latest technology to maximize energy efficiency while reducing our environmental impact.


In fact, our dedication to environmental and social responsibility aligned so well with Wildlight’s commitment to sustainable growth and infrastructure that we chose to relocate our headquarters to the Wildlight community in 2019. While we provide natural gas, electricity and propane gas services to growing residential, commercial and industrial markets throughout Florida, as a “Wildlight Pioneer” and proud member of the community, we’re especially thrilled to serve the homeowners, businesses and industries of Wildlight with natural gas.We look forward to working with you!

NATURAL GAS: The Energy of Choice for Builders


NATURAL GAS FOR Commercial Developers

If you’re planning a new facility, there’s no better time to discover the benefits of safe, reliable natural gas for business. After all, there’s a reason more developers across Florida are choosing to include energysaving natural gas for:

Additional benefits include:
  • + Restaurants & bars
  • + Gyms & recreational centers
  • + Retail & office complexes
  • + Hotels & resorts
  • + Salons & spas
  • + Hospitals & medical facilities
  • + Schools
  • + Senior living facilities & retirement homes
  • + And more

Add natural gas with little or no out-of-pocket equipment expense with our Natural Gas Commercial Rebate Program

NATURAL GAS FOR Housing Developers

When you build with natural gas, you’re building more comfort, reliability and savings into the home. While homeowners benefit through higher efficiency and home comfort, you’ll benefit from easier sales, increased property value, and natural gas appliance rebates.

Earn the following rebates when you build with natural gas appliances:

Why Choose Natural Gas for Your Next Multi-Family Project?

There are numerous reasons natural gas is the premier and profitable choice when it comes to your development. Beyond the inherent comforts of natural gas, an apartment that uses natural gas for water heating, gourmet cooking, clothes drying and space heating leaves about half the carbon footprint of a non-gas home. Here are seven more reasons to choose natural gas for your next multi-family project.

  • More tenants and buyers want natural gas.
    The huge majority of renters want natural gas, and buildings are easier to sell or lease when they come with the amenities that consumers demand. Therefore, including natural gas will help you sell more homes and developments, based on renter preference alone.
  • Maximize margins on rental rates.
    Not only do residents prefer premium natural gas living; they’re willing to pay extra for it. Renters are willing to invest about $84 more in rent per month to enjoy the comfort, convenience and reliability of natural gas, as a matter of fact. For building owners, financial advantages also include lower energy bills, reduced operating costs and longer lasting systems that require less maintenance.
  • Improve resident retention.
    Renters want homes that are comfortable and appliances that will save them money. Natural gas is the fuel source that does it all! This means that natural gas creates happy residents. And happy residents stay longer, which means less costly turnover at your property.
  • Increased resident satisfaction. Long-term gain.
    In addition to encouraging residents to stay longer via increased resident satisfaction, natural gas enables many types of long-term gain. Whether it’s the upgraded appearance and perception of your building, or easier billing with automated meter readers, the advantages are wide-ranging with natural gas.
  • Help developments reach full potential.
    Once natural gas is available in a unit, then the creative possibilities have just begun. From fireplaces and patio lights, to outdoor kitchens and BBQ grills… more creature comforts are easily built in with natural gas. It’s an enviable way to live!
  • Good for the environment.
    Natural gas is today’s choice for a cleaner tomorrow. It provides superior performance at a lower cost—with a smaller carbon footprint. Your residents can feel better knowing that natural gas is cleaner and more energy efficient than non-gas energy sources. With natural gas, tenants will be encouraged to conserve energy and help the environment while enjoying cost- saving benefits too!
  • Minimize costs and maximize space.
    Learn more about saving money and saving space with natural gas multi-family applications. Appliance rebate incentives are available for every unit installed, minimizing initial costs for developers during the construction phase. This is combined with space-saving designs and installation flexibility that make more living space available.

NATURAL GAS FOR Industrial Applications

Because natural gas is clean, safe, efficient and affordable, you can improve building comfort while reducing heating expenses when you add natural gas to your production facility or warehouse. From natural gas heating units to natural gas chillers, natural gas is the preferred energy source for achieving a comfortable and efficient industrial environment. Additional benefits include:

  • + High-performance equipment with reduced operational costs
  • + Everyday efficiency and energy savings
  • + Superior features and benefits, leading to happier, more satisfied end users