NATURAL GAS: Safe. Reliable.

Natural Gas is the safest energy delivery system in America. The natural gas industry has a long-standing record of providing natural gas service safely and effectively to more than 177 million Americans and is dedicated to the continued enhancement of natural gas pipeline safety.

This unprecedented safety record is based on four industry standards:

  • Safety Regulation Compliance Enforcement
  • Safety Data Collection & Analysis
  • Safety Standards Development
  • Safety Information & Best Practices Sharing

Safety is the core value of Florida Public Utilities, the natural gas distribution system and transmission industry. As a member of both the American Gas Association and the Florida Natural Gas Association we strive to closely follow each and every safety standard.

We cultivate a safety-driven work environment, and all of our employees, as well as our Energy Partners and suppliers, are expected to place the utmost importance on customer, public, employee and pipeline safety.

Enhancing Safety: A Joint Effort

AGA and its members are dedicated to the continued enhancement of pipeline safety. Safety is a joint effort, a partnership that engages customers, regulators and policymakers at every level. We are committed to proactively collaborating with federal and state regulators, public officials, emergency responders, excavators, consumers, safety advocates and the public to continue to improving the industry’s longstanding record of providing natural gas service safely and effectively to more than 177 million Americans.

Natural gas utilities spend $22 billion annually to help enhance the safety of natural gas distribution and transmission systems.

– American Gas Association

177Million Americans Have Natural Gas


Customer and Public Involvement is key to natural gas safety.

Actively participating in the following methods protects natural gas customers and the general public:

  • Reporting the smell of natural gas immediately; utilities odorize natural gas with Mercaptan which smells similar to rotten eggs in order to provide an added layer of safety for leak detection purposes
  • Calling 811 before you start on any excavation or digging project (no matter how big or how small)
  • Maintaining your gas appliances and fuel lines
  • Being aware of any natural gas safety messages & communications that come from your utilities companies

We take ongoing, pro-active measures to maintain our solid safety record, as well as overall industry integrity. But should there be an emergency, our Emergency Team is on duty 24 hours a day/7 days a week, and can be reached at 800.427.7712. For more urgent situations, be sure to call 911.

REMEMBER that it is important to ONLY CALL once safely removed from a natural gas emergency vicinity.