Did you know that more than 70% of homebuyers prefer homes with natural gas ? Whether you’re looking to find existing houses for sale in Florida, or are in the market to build a new home, there are so many reasons to choose a natural gas home or development!

  • Natural gas is more energy efficient and can lower energy costs by as much as 40%

  • Natural gas eco homes are more environmentally friendly, with as little as half the carbon footprint of a non-gas home

  • Homes with natural gas sell faster and average a 6% higher resale value

Top Benefits For Homebuyers

Top Appliances

Homebuyers prefer the reliability, safety and value of high efficiency natural gas appliances — including water heaters, gourmet ovens and cooktops, dryers, outdoor grills, and more. Explore all of our natural gas appliances today.

Better Home Comfort

Better baths…better meals…better laundry. For the best in home comfort, it’s easy to see why gas is better! Give your home the comfort and luxury of premium natural gas products.

Reliable In Hurricanes

No power? No problem! Natural gas still works during a power outage, letting Florida homeowners cook, shower and enjoy other basic comforts. Make your home hurricane ready with natural gas: the safe, reliable energy.

More Eco Friendly

With natural gas, homebuyers can enjoy a more environmentally friendly home, along with lower energy bills. Natural gas is more energy-efficient, resulting in up to 40% lower energy costs.

Cost Savings

Lower your lower energy bills with natural gas and start saving right away with appliance rebates. Natural gas rebates make it easy for homebuyers to save on the upgrades they want. Save $100s in rebates when you fix up your home with new natural gas appliances.

Higher Resale Value

Enjoy the affordable luxury of a natural gas home. Homes with natural gas have a 6% higher re-sale value than homes without natural gas. Professional-grade cooking, hurricane reliability and outdoor amenities are among the many buyer preferences of a natural gas home.