Step 1: See if Natural Gas is Available

The first step to installing natural gas is to see if natural gas is available. Once we establish your equipment needs, we will also provide a time and cost estimate for the installation of your natural gas service line, as well as any rebates or other offers that could help offset the cost of making the switch.

Once you review Steps 2 through 4 below, feel free to check your home address here to see if natural gas is available.

Step 2: Install Your Natural Gas Service Line

Next, FPU will need to visit your home to locate and mark your underground lines, such as water and sewer. We’ll then select the best route for the gas service line to your house, as well as the location of your gas meter, and install a service line from the street to your home.

Step 3: Pipe Your Home For Natural Gas Appliances

Once the installation of your underground line is complete, FPU or a trusted FPU Energy Partner will install your interior gas piping, as well as your natural gas meter. At this point, your old appliances should be removed so that your new natural gas appliances and piping can be installed and connected to the meter.

Step 4: Install Your Natural Gas Appliances

After your new appliances have been connected to your gas line and the necessary natural gas infrastructure has been thoroughly inspected, our last step is to help you activate your natural gas service. Congratulations! It’s time to start enjoying your new natural gas appliances!